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Wendy Nail Art

Wendy A. Causey

at Vivify Hair and Nails Studio

in Sylvia Square
23827 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505

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Wendy Causey has Twenty-five years of experience as a nail care professional, as well as twelve years of experience in "back office" medical. She has served as a nail product educator, demonstrating at beauty product trade shows and teaching classes in California and Arizona. She has studied various Reflexology systems and "Touch for Health" (acupressure). She attained her Master level in Reiki, an energetic healing system, and is a Reiki practitioner and instructor. Wendy uses "state of the art" products and sterile solutions, individual nail files for each client's fingers and toes and uses a non-jet pedicure tub with individual liners. She hand files for artificial nail coatings to reduce damage to the natural nail and protect cuticles. She offers a variety of nail services (both natural and enhanced), original hand painted nail art, reflexology and aroma-therapeutic treatments at Vivify Hair and Nails Studio. Vivify Hair and Nails Studio is located in Sylvia Square, between Lomita and Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance.


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Fees effective August 26, 2008
Manicure $18.00 warm lotion & aromatherapy oils, light massage/reflex

Spa Manicure $21.00 spa style, soak in floral water with quartz crystals, two-step exfoliating scrub and terry mitts use your own body warmth to accelerate gentle exfoliation. includes light massage/reflex.

Pedicure $30.00 Spa style, soak with aroma therapeutic essences, exfoliating scrub and appropriate aromatherapy oil includes light massage/reflexology). This is a full pedicure and will take one hour.

Intensive Dry Skin Treatment (with pedicure) $6.00 Dry skin softener removes thick layers of dry skin.

Reflexology $25.00 1/2 hour includes aromatherapy oils

Reiki/Reflexology $53.00 3/4 hour session includes 15 minutes of Reiki, then 1/2 hour reflexology on feet or hands, with aromatherapy oils

Reiki $45.00 3/4 hour performed at nail station

Hand filing is used with all products (new sets and fills) to reduce the effects of application to the natural nail surface and protect cuticles.
Fill fees are for a two-week fill cycle as advised by all product manufacturers, there may be additional charges for unusual repairs or reshaping or fill and repairs for period beyond two week.

Fill Acrylic/Wrap $28.00
Gel Coating over Acrylic/Wrap $5.00
French Gel (white tip or pink and white) over Acrylic/Wrap $10.00
New Set Acrylic/Wrap (overlay only) $38.00
New Set Acrylic/Wrap (extensions, tips or constructed) $48.00

Gel Fill $28.00 French White Tip add $2.00 ($ 30.00)
Gel New Set (no extensions) $38.00 French White Tip $3.00
Gel New Set with Tips $48.00
Gel New Set with Extensions (constructed) $53.00

Polish Change (fingers) $8.00 (toes) $10.00
Nail Art $8.00 (minimum) and up. Hand painted and 3d acrylic designs (minimum $12.00), seasonal, floral and animal prints for fingers and toes are priced by complexity of design and cost of any additional Materials. The fee is in addition to pedicure, fill or polish change fees, etc.

'The Half Blood Prince






Available for appointments Tuesday through Saturday (9:00 am to late)….you may leave a message anytime. I have not posted my phone number to avoid tele-marketers. Please e-mail me for more information.

Gift Certificates are available, customized for Celebrations, Holidays, Birthday, Mother's/Father's Day, Maternity, Graduation, Just for You, Thank You, Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, Etc. They may be customized to any amount starting at $17.00.The certificate must be presented to redeem the service. The certificate is good for the service stated for one year, after that it is good for the amount paid for the service and a balance may be required if there has been fee increase. Gift certificates may be redeemed by the recipient or the purchaser (in the event that your friend never uses the certificate).

Please see Wendy for more information or Certificate

My Policies
Sorry but I do not currently accept credit cards.
Please expect to pay for your service at the time of the service.
I do not charge a fee beyond the bank charges for returned checks if the amount is paid within a week of the return (if you know a check has bounced you should call me), but I do expect the amount to be paid and will charge for my time if I must call and follow up on the situation after one week. I do not keep change for very large bills.

A twenty-four hour cancellation is required to avoid an early cancellation fee. I charge $20.00 and hour for cancellations made without sufficient notice*. I wish I could make exceptions for extraordinary reasons but that did not work well.

*We make our living when clients keep their appointments. When a client cancels at the last minute we are not able to earn income for that time either from that client or from another client who may have called asking for that time. If you are never certain of your schedule you are completely welcome to call for appointments open that day.

Thank you for visiting. I will be adding more photos and text in the next weeks, time permitting. Please get in touch with any comments, questions about appointments or services. I do not use e-mail to make or change appointments. I am not on the computer everyday so it is not very effective for appointments

Wendy Causey at Vivify Hair and Nails Studio
23827 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505